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Top 5 Disposable Vapes of 2023 + Fuego Vape Launching Pre-sale

Lets face it, there's so many vapes on the market right now that it can feel impossible to keep up with them all. Knowing what's hot and what's garbage is crucial to keeping your business relevant in this ever changing industry. Staying on top of the best brands will keep your shelves stocked with only the best, and not only keep money constantly flowing into your doors, but keep your brand reputation high. We poured through the sea of brands to bring you our power ranking of the top 5 best disposable vapes of 2023 on the market right now, comparing puff count, cost, design, technology, recharge-ability, coil type, sales, popularity, and overall user experience. So here it is:

1. Elf Bar (EB DESIGN)

It’s no surprise that Elf Bar, or should we say EB DESIGN, is coming in at number 1 here (boring, we know). Kicking off the list of our top 5 best disposable vapes of 2023, Elf Bar is probably the best selling disposable in the world right now, and is probably one of your hottest selling vapes in your shop. Elf Bar, for all intensive purposes, is the perfect disposable vape. They’re sleek, convenient, they feel nice in your hand, they hit well, taste good, and the rechargeable battery lasts a long time. It’s sort of like the Mcdonald’s of the vape world, where they’re consistent every single time. They’ve got over 60 different flavors, are built with high quality materials and use a mesh coil, and are just aesthetically pleasing to look at and use. Elf bar was all the hype in 2022, and that seems to be transitioning similarly into 2023. Their BC5000 puff device is their most popular model. One downside to Elf Bar, which isn’t really their fault, is that there's millions of fakes on the market. For this brand specifically, it’s actually important to always verify you have the real thing. You can do that here:

2. Zovoo

I like to classify ZOVOO as the “award winning vape”, as it’s won a bunch of awards regarding their product standards, technology, diversity of products, and user-focused brand philosophy. Throughout 2022, ZOVOO was recognized as the Best Newcomer Winner and Official Gold Sponsor by VAPOUROUND, the Best Disposable Brand Winner by VAPEHK, and the Best Disposable Vape Runner-up by ECIGCLICK. Their DRAGBAR disposables are their most hyped product right now, and seem to be gaining in popularity and market share. What stands out to me about ZOVOO is that they have four major research institutes, six manufacturing and processing bases, and a CNAS-standard Everest Lab. ZOVOO is catching up to Elf Bar in terms of brand recognition, and is really upping its game in terms of worldwide scale and reach.

3. Puff Hotbox

The Puff Hotbox is not your ordinary disposable vape. It’s got a bunch of features that make it almost equivalent to a full-fledged vape kit, all packed in a convenient, disposable vape. It’s got 16 ml of vape juice with synthetic tobacco-free nicotine, and has a whopping 7,500 puffs, making it an excellent value for its price point. It’s got a mesh coil and is rechargeable, which we love, but stands apart from other vapes because it comes with a charging cable. Additionally, the Hotbox features a lanyard loop that enables you to wear the device around your neck, and the lanyard is included with your purchase. Not sure how many people would use that, but it’s cool nonetheless and shows the company's dedication to the user experience.

4. Air Bar

Air Bar gained traction fast, and has maintained itself as a prominent player in the industry. Their most recent addition to the line, the Air Bar Box, has a rechargeable 650mAh battery and holds 14ml of high-quality vape juice. Air Bars are available in various nicotine strengths, making it possible to increase or decrease your nicotine intake as desired. The Air Bar NEX is our favorite though in terms of design, they just look so clean, and with 6500 puffs, you really can’t go wrong. Air bar feels like Elf bar’s little brother in a way, in that it’s just a super sleek device, and delivers consistent quality… I guess we’ll call this one the burger king of the vape world??

5. Flum Float

Hot take at number 5, but Flums are pretty sweet. Sneaking into the last spot of our top 5 best disposable vapes of 2023, Flum is up and coming and has begun to increase their marketing surrounding their non-nicotine models… which are surprisingly popular! You’d be amazed by how many people want a vape without nicotine, and apparently will pay a premium for them as well (based on independent market research). A downside to Flum is that the 6000 puff Flum Pebble is the only rechargeable model, their other models including the Flum Float are not. Among the best models offered by Flum, the Flum Float received excellent ratings in Vaping360's rankings of the top disposable vapes. They're super slick, what can we say.

Fuego Vape Pre-sale Launch

Fuego Vape is HERE! The most hyped vape drop of 2023, Fuego has launched pre-sale for their first line of disposables, and shops are lining up to get them. Specs on their vapes: 6000 puffs, rechargeable, mesh coil, leak proof, with the best tasting flavors on the market. Fuego is set to be the next big thing in the vape industry, and by partnering with influencers across the country, they're gonna be a nationwide hit almost instantly. They have launched a limited drop so DO NOT WAIT, get in on the pre-sale now! Oh, and if you’re interested but don’t want to put the money up right away, they have a waitlist program where they send you FREE SAMPLES without any commitment, so long as they have the inventory available. Be the FIRST to get Fuego in your store, get in on the action right here:

Want more info? You can email them at or call direct at 702-588-9408

There ya have it, our power ranking list for the top 5 disposable vapes of 2023. Stock your shelves with these bad boys and you should feel confident in having consistent sales. Now there's tons of vapes out there and new ones coming out constantly, and make no mistake it is VITAL to keep up with the trends, but these are 5 of the old timers that deliver good consistent results, every time.

Oh yeah, and Keep it Fuego ;).

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