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College Student Vape Poll- The Results May Shock You

This week on Vape Pigeon, we polled 100 college students on their use of Disposable Vapes. We asked 5 simple questions,

  1. What type of disposable vape do you prefer?

  2. How many puffs do you typically get?

  3. Would you try a new vape?

  4. What are the most important features?

  5. Favorite flavors?

Here are the results: What type of disposable vape do you prefer?

The choices were a long skinny stick like device, a palm sized rectangular device, or other. Here are the results:

72% voted for the palm sized device

22% voted for the stick like device

6% voted other.

This matches expectations and market trends observed, as palm size devices have taken a significant portion of the market share away from what was previously a stick and pen dominated market. Seems consistent from what we've seen in stores as well as far as inventory goes.

How many puffs do you typically get?

The choices were 0-1,500, 1,500-4,000, and 4,000+. Here are the results:

58% 1,500-4,000

24% 4,000+

18% 0-1,500.

We figure that the most people going for the 1,500-4,000 range is in part due to the fact that stores usually carry these vapes in the most volume, but also that the prices for these vapes are usually right in sweet spot for what people are looking to spend. Are the small puff vapes dying? We'll have a deep dive into the demographics of vapers to help answer this in an upcoming newsletter, but in short, no! (Mid sized vapes will probably continue to rule though so plan accordingly!)

Would you try a new vape? It's no surprise that people like to try new things, and vapes are no exception. While we knew that many people would be open to trying a new vape, we didn't expect the overwhelming majority that we came to find out. Out of the 100 people surveyed:

97% Yes

3% No

Thats right, 97% said yes! We need to break this down further in an upcoming newsletter, exploring what qualities, features, designs, colors, and packaging makes someone choose a new device, but for now just know people are almost ALWAYS down to branch out and experiment with new vapes. Adding new products to your stores is a sure way to continue to engage your consumer base, and give them just another reason to stop in and see whats new.

What are the most important features?

It was a pretty even split among the 3 choices: flavor, smooth pull/mesh coil, and if it's rechargeable. Here are the results:

38% Flavor

32% Smooth pull/ Mesh coil

30% rechargeable

Now flavor is subjective, and people like what they like, but it's worth noting that 62% of the votes were on objective features on these vapes. Could be a good indicator as to where the market is trending, and may be worth putting some thought into when stocking inventory.

Favorite Flavors?

Of course we had to end this poll with the simplest of questions, what are your favorite flavors?? We got a ton of different responses, most as expected, some very strange. Here's the most overlapping flavors we got:

  1. 79% Cool Mint

  2. 75% Fruity/Berry mix

  3. 73% Strawberry/ Watermelon (insert anything here + ice)

  4. 68% Blue Raspberry (ice)

  5. 60% Grape

The amount of different strawberry/watermelon combinations we heard was wild, people definitely like to mix it up with those flavors! It's important to note that cool mint was typically not peoples #1 choice, but it did come up the most out of everyone we surveyed... seems it's the "old faithful" of the flavors. Also very surprised by grape making the top 5 but hey, the people want what the people want. Our hail mary market prediction for 2023 is that we are going to start seeing sour flavors really pop off. Be on the lookout for them, and let us know your thoughts on what's gonna be the next big thing this year.

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