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Overcoming Vape Marketing Restrictions- Influencers

Vapinghas grown in popularity over the past decade, offering a safer alternative to smoking. Thenicotine product is similar to e-cigarettes and does not contain the harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarette smoke, making it a more appealing choice for many. Despite its popularity, the vape industry gets hammered with advertising and marketing restrictions, making it extremely difficult for companies to get their brand out there. This is where vape influencers come in, offering a creative way to promote brands and stores to targeted audiences, without being crushed by restrictions.

Vape companies continue to face major restrictions on their advertising and promotion. In 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ordered that vaping brands attach nicotine health warnings to their ads on social media and required influencers to disclose their relationships with the brands. Additionally, vapes can’t be advertised on TV, radio, and on most social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc, leaving brands and businesses with little options to promote their products.

Through these barriers however, vape influencers have found creative ways to grow organic communities that companies have begun to pay big money to for getting word out about their products. These sponsorships include reviews, shoutouts, pictures and videos of influencers using the products, and so on. Thousands of micro influencers have begun to pop up that can benefit vape companies. We have listed below some of the biggest in the game, but do want to point out that an influencer DOES NOT have to be vape-focused to provide powerful advertisement for a vape company. Pick a target group you want to advertise to, and find a common, non-vape thing they all engage with. For example, if you want to advertise to college students (of legal age for vaping in your state), you can make partnerships with popular students at large schools, or with celebrities they follow.

If you’re gonna go this route, just make sure they put a disclaimer that it is an ad, and give the warning that nicotine is an addictive chemical (and any other warnings needed for your area) to avoid issues. This is one innovative way to get targeted advertisement in an otherwise heavily restricted area.

The Top Vape Influencers You Need To Know

Here are some of the top vape influencers to check out:

  1. RiP Trippers - This popular vape influencer primarily operates on YouTube, offering vape and e-cigarette reviews, personal videos, and informative coil-building tutorials. He is passionate about vaping and spreading the message that "smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is now."

  2. Nick Green (GrimmGreen) - Nick is an entrepreneur and content creator who has been vaping for eight years. He creates videos about vaping and e-cigarettes, including first impressions, tutorials, and weekly vlogs.

  3. Mike Vapes - Mike is a vape reviewer and enthusiast who posts weekly videos about vape products on YouTube. He is a former smoker who credits vaping for saving his life and has been informing others about vaping since 2013. He is a part of both The Vape Team and The Vape Chronicles, hosting weekly live vape shows.

  4. Matt From SMM - Matt, also known as Matt from SMM, runs the channel Suck My Mod with his girlfriend. He was a former pack-a-day smoker for 15 years and started his vape journey in 2013. He primarily does vape reviews but also incorporates his love for electronics in his videos.

  5. Ryan Hall - Ryan, from RKHTV, is a vape reviewer with a focus on vape flavors. As part of RKHTV, his mission is to educate, inform, and entertain those interested in vaping. He provides a more relaxed and approachable take on vape reviewing.

  6. DJLsb Vapes - Daniel, also known as DJLsb Vapes, is a vape influencer who focuses on e-liquid and electronic device reviews. He has accumulated over 33 million views on YouTube since starting his vape reviewing journey in 2013 and credits vaping with saving his life.

  7. Jai Haze - Jai is a unique addition to the world of vape influencers, offering not only reviews but entertainment and comedy as well. He has been doing vape reviews since 2014 and considers himself an unbiased and realistic reviewer.


While the vape industry continues to get hammered with advertising and marketing restrictions, innovative companies are utilizing influencers to spread awareness for their brands. Don’t fall behind the curve, a few influencers on your roster could help you dominate your local market if you are a store, and rapidly accelerate national growth if you are a brand. The competition doing this is still pretty low as well so get on it before the market is saturated! Go get the word out about your business, and go get your money!

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